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Race Information

We hope to have included every single bit of information you need about the race here.  This page will be continually updated as the routes are confirmed and cleared. Remember this is a brand new event and you will be riding a mix of existing trails and trails created for this event ONLY! The routes will be through Sappi commercial plantations, jeep track, single track and along public gravel. Iconic points of interest have been purposefully included to expose you to the beauty and history of the Midlands area.

The routes have been created to make this event fast for those aiming for a podium finish but also easily manageable for the rider who is entering to experience their first stage race event. The emphasis is on fun for all.

In accordance with Cycling South Africa (CSA) rules we have made provision for junior age category riders to partake. These distances are shorter yet just as much fun. By doing this we are giving the younger riders the opportunity to experience stage racing, gain experience and mature to the full distance event.

All 3 days of the event start and finish at Howick High School situated in Howick, KZN. This ensures easy access for all participants as well and avoiding the hassle of traveling to different venues each day.

Participants have the option of entering the full 3 day event or, if time is limited, the 2 day event. Please note that category positions and prizes are restricted to the full 3 day event.

Race Routes

The routes cross private land and will therefore remain confidential until race briefing. Please note that any participant found guilty of attempting to pre-ride the routes at any time will be disqualified without recourse.

Race Route, distances and climbing for 2018 (will be similar for 2020)

You can choose to do the full distance (3 day or 2 day) or half distance (2 day). Both share parts of the same routes. The idea is that the event can be undertaken and completed without the participant having had to do months of training or having had to invest in new equipment. With that in mind the routes have been kept manageable to the average rider. Distances have also been kept under 60km/30km so that the younger riders can enter the event within the CSA rules.

– Day 1 : 57km (832m of total climbing) This is majority forest road and dirt road. It gives the riders the opportunity to wake up their legs and get into the stage race atmosphere.

– Day 2 full  : 59km (1540m of total climbing) The route takes riders past Lions River and though some of the private land/commercial forests in the KZN Midlands. Approx 60% forest/dirt road and 40% single-track

– Day 3 full : 50km (1215m of total climbing) The route passes through both the Howick MTN Club trail network and the Karkloof MTB Club trail network. Approx 40% dirt/forest road and 60% single-track

– Day 1 half : 27km (700m of total climbing). The route explores the area surrounding Howick and returns through the well establish Howick MTB Club trail network. Approx 50% dirt road/forest road and 50% single-track

– Day 2 half : 26km (704m of total climbing) The route makes use of the Howick MTB Club trail network. Approx 40% dirt/forest road and 60% single-track

None of the single-track on any day is very technical.

What to Pack

Please use the following as a guide as to what you should bring with. You are welcome to add to it as your needs determine.

Do not bring valuables to the race. We cannot take responsibility for valuables lost during the course of the event.

Please I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) your phone and enter the emergency contact details listed under “health and safety information” .

Personal Kit

  • Sleeping bag (if required)
  • Pillow (if required)
  • Headlamp or torch
  • Spare batteries (or charger)
  • Toiletries (toothbrush/deo/towel/etc)
  • Casual clothes (Its winter)
  • Ear plugs (optional)
  • Buff
  • Shoes
  • Shammy cream
  • Sunscrean
  • Bike lock (optional)
  • Hydration drink

Ride Kit

  • Bib or cycle pants (x3)
  • Cycling shirt (x3)
  • Cycle socks (x3)
  • Gloves
  • Jacket
  • Arm warmers
  • Leg warmers (optional)
  • Helmet
  • Shoes
  • Hydration pack (optional)
  • Bottles
  • Sunglasses
  • Bike computer (optional)

Ride Hardware

  • Tyre levers
  • Spare tube
  • CO2 bomb/pump
  • Tubeless plugs
  • Multi tool
  • Chain quick links
  • Lube
  • Cable ties
  • Snacks/Gels (optional)

Seconding Information

No outside/private seconding is allowed during the event.

Access to the routes by the public/private vehicles is strictly forbidden as the route cross private land. Outside assistance will result in riders being disqualified immediately.

Water tables will be available and ample food, water, energy and cool drinks will be served.

Training Planning

Depending on if you are a podium contender or a just-want-to-finish rider, you may want to do some training before the event.

Training depends on your current fitness so we recommend that you follow a training programme similar to this – Please click here.

Food & Water

Water tables will be provided each day on the event route.

Please note that these are additional to your own needs and should not be relied upon to provide sufficient hydration/food for the duration of the Stage.

Lunch will be provided to all participants and refreshment vendors will be at the start/finish

Health & Safety

Safety is of utmost importance.

Road crossings will be fully marshalled and a registered Safety Officer appointed for the event.

Medical services will be on standby and SAPS/private security will be appointed.

MySOS will be available for use.

Please note that it is the riders responsibility to ride within their limits.


Trophies will be awarded to the winners in each category.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get there?

The Midlands Stage Race is being held in Howick, KZN. Howick is situated in the KZN Midlands, approximately 20km from Pietermaritzburg. It is conveniently situated on the N3 and easy to navigate to from the Coast or inland.

Do I need a GPS?

No, the route will be fully marked and marshalled. However, you may make use of a GPS for assistance.

Where can I stay?

The event does not offer accommodation, however you will be able to camp (or bring your caravan) at Howick High for a very nominal fee. There will be ablutions and showers on site and will make for a very festive weekend. You may also make use of one of the recommended accommodation providers in the area and find these as well as Howick High contact details on the accommodation section of our website.

Where is registration?

Registration is at Howick High School on 27 June 2019 (3 day) and 28 June 2018 (2 day).

May I leave my bike at the venue?

No. Although Howick High is a very secure venue we would prefer if you took your bike with you although we will wash your bike daily after your ride.

Do you have sweepers each day?

Absolutely, our sweepers will follow the last riders on motorbikes.

Will there be cut off times?

Yes, we want to ensure the safety of every rider and therefore we will have a cut off time at the final seconding table on each day. However, these will NOT be onerous and everyone should be able to make it easily.

How big is the field?

Entries are limited to 300 teams (600 riders).

Do you allow entry substitutions?

Yes but please note that this must take place 3 weeks prior to the event.
A substitution fee of R100 will be applicable.

May I enter as a solo rider?

Yes, you may enter the Midlands Stage race as a solo rider.

Please click here to view the entry details or for more information.

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