• "The organisation has been perfect, and I think the lunch after the finish today was one of the best I have ever had at a race."

    Andrew Hill
  • "Great goody bag and Great food."

    Caroline Francis
  • "The first half was fairly flat with some nice wide-open cruising sections as we went along the banks of Midmar Dam and then some big climbs around the back of the dam, before we headed back home."

    Andrew Hill
  • "Howick High School was a great venue, with easy access, clean ablutions, bike wash, nice hall, friendly assistants, etc.  The goody bags received on entry were first class. The lunches provided were delicious as you promised. The trails were well marked and the watering tables well stocked with very helpful volunteers."

    Patty Quinn
  • "Route- marking perfect!! Amazing scenery!! Food- top notch quality world class and some of the best out there. Branding at race village on point!"

    Andrew Hill
  • " … again we were treated like royalty with a scrumptious lunch, after the second stage; and wrapped it up with an enthusiastic 3 days of awesome new riding routes, top class food for kings and queens, great goodie bag and happiness all round …"

    Natalie Bergström

Race Entry


Three Day Epic Team 28-30 June 08:30 R4 800 Per Team
Two Day Explorer Team 29-30 June 08:30 R3 760 Per Team
Two Day Explorer Team Half Distance 29-30 June 08:30* R2 280 Per Team
Three Day Epic Solo 28-30 June 08:30* R2 400 per rider
Two Day Explorer Solo 29-30 June 08:30 R1 880 per rider
Two Day Explorer Solo Half Distance 29-30 June 08:30* R1 140 per rider
The Scout (Kids 10 km Fun Cycle) 30 June 09:00 R 100 Per child

*Starting Times are Batch Dependant

** Please note that for the U/18 & U/14 Events: one member of the team must be U/18 (in the U/18 race) or U/14 (in the U/14 race)  in the team. The event organisers are encouraging parents / friends / siblings to ride in these races – SO LONG as one team member is the correct age!



Date: 27 June 2019
Time: 14:30-16:30
Venue: Howick High School

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