Nkwazi Freedomwear is based in KwaZulu Natal and services every aspect of the majority of industries (they have yet to find one they can not assist, but they say “majority” out of modesty).

They specialise in corporate and staff clothing requirements and have an active corporate gifts departement, which includes the branding of both the clothing and the gifts.

They supply tee shirts to golfers, affordable conti suits to 3 piece suits, gumboots to formal footwear and everything in between. Their corporate gifting department supply branded USB sticks to personalised braai sets, branded diaries to office supplies.

Pick it, Brand it, Show it!!!

Contact Nkwazi Freedomwear on 076 7733 616 or scott@nkwazifreedomwear.com

You can also pick them up on Facebook at @NkwaziFreedomwear

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